At Bay Area Tutoring Centers, students receive focused attention as they affirm new concepts and refresh foundational material in curricula designed to mirror their schoolwork. Our tutoring sessions build study skills, self-confidence, and general understanding.

Most programs have a maximum ratio of two or three students to one tutor, and many of our English and humanities programs are one-on-one. Some advanced courses have a higher student to tutor ratio. We offer in-person sessions, online tutoring, and hybrid programs (in-person/online combination).



Bay Area Tutoring Centers is here to provide the help you need to excel in challenging high school math courses. We offer tutoring in:

• Algebra I, Algebra II, Accelerated Algebra II
• Geometry
• Trigonometry, Honors Trigonometry
• Pre-Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus
• Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC
• Statistics, AP Statistics
• Advanced Math Topics
• Math I, Math II, Math III
• IB Math, IB Math Studies


Our English tutors are experts in their field. Not only can they teach all levels of English through AP, but they provide effective instruction that helps students succeed in high school and beyond. Bay Area Tutoring Centers offers private, custom-tailored tutoring in the following topics/courses:

• Reading Comprehension
• Writing (all styles, from expository and analytical to creative)
• Grammar
• Language Arts
• Literature, AP English Literature and Composition
• AP English Language and Composition
• College Admission Essays / Personal Statements (answering Common App prompts, UC Personal Insight Questions, etc.)


Science tutors at Bay Area Tutoring Centers help their students appreciate and understand challenging topics in the following high school science courses:

• Biology, AP Biology
• Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
• Anatomy, Honors Anatomy
• Physics, Honors Physics


Humanities courses are complex and important for a well-rounded education. Humanities tutors at Bay Area Tutoring Centers help students better understand critical topics and complete complex assignments. We offer tutoring in the following humanities courses:

• U.S. History, AP U.S. History
• World History, AP World History: Modern
• AP European History
• Government, AP Government and Politics