New This Year – Online Summer Tutoring

Hello BATC families,

Every summer we plan and adjust our summer sessions as needed, offering the flexibility to help students and families maintain a good balance between academic goals and fun activities. You have always depended on us to offer programs that ensure smooth transitions into challenging fall courses and expressed concerns about rustiness as your students return from summer break.

Despite the collective efforts of educators, parents and students, “COVID slide” and “learning loss” will certainly play prominent roles in the academic readiness and performance of students entering the 2020-2021 school year. Additionally, as standardized tests like the SAT and ACT begin to play less clear (but likely smaller) roles in college admissions for the next few years, the importance of competitive, challenging academic tracks, strong performance in individual classes and powerful writing skills (to shine in personal statements, e.g.) will no doubt rise.

After 32 years of providing academic support in the Bay Area and 27 years in this particular community, BATC understands this challenge. We have adjusted the depth and breadth of our summer offerings as well as the pricing of our programs to address the academic void while recognizing and respecting the financial challenges that many are experiencing due to the pandemic.

Fall 2020 Math Prep – Geometry, Algebra II and Pre-calc

Each 9-week program begins the week of Monday, June 8th. Students will receive 3 weekly sessions: the first two sessions will be 90 minutes. These sessions are intended to review very specific, relevant and important concepts that were covered in the student’s 2019-2020 math class as well as content that received less attention or was rushed through because of the compromised academic calendar this spring, with the exception of Geometry, which will start with the upcoming fall content immediately.

Gradually, the focus of the sessions will shift to covering the content of the first few chapters that are typically covered in the fall. Many sample problems will be discussed and worked through collaboratively during these sessions. Students will be assigned additional homework in between sessions. The third weekly session will be one hour long and will be dedicated to practice problems on the content covered that week.

All other transitionary math subjects, including Algebra I, Calculus, Honors Pre-Calc, Statistics and AP Calculus AB/BC are available during the summer, but will be planned separately based on student need.

Back to SAT/ACT

After completing full programs of SAT/ACT prep, many of our students had to reschedule their spring exams to August and September. To those returning students, we are offering a 10-hour refresher course.

Support for college courses & online high school programs

Many of our students are trying to maintain their academic momentum and improve their GPAs by taking courses through local community colleges and/or AP classes offered by online high school programs. We are here to provide you with the necessary academic support that can help you cope with the fast pace and academic rigor of these courses.

Our Standard Summer Programs

Summer is a great time to get a head-start on challenging courses for the upcoming school year. We design personalized prep programs for all subjects that we tutor, which review important fundamentals from the past school year and introduce new concepts that students will soon face in their upcoming course work. Each transition program includes weekly homework, reading assignments, and practice tests to monitor and map student progress.

SAT/ACT Summer Prep Program

More and more parents and students are using the summer to prepare for the SAT and ACT exams. This option is particularly beneficial to students who want to take these exams during the fall semester, have taken algebra II, and have busy schedules during the school year due to sports or other extracurricular activities. Our SAT/ACT program includes 30 hours of individualized tutoring to be split between the math and verbal sections of either exam, instructional books and materials, and 3 full-length practice exams. 

For more information on SAT/ACT preparation, visit our Standardized Test Prep page

Transition Into Algebra I

Many students who follow the Common Core curriculum begin high school with algebra I, making the transition from middle school challenging. To help students feel more confident about beginning high school math, we offer a structured review of pre-algebra topics including solving equations, translating word problems into equations, exponents, review of polynomials and factoring.

Transition Into Algebra II & Geometry

If you are worried that your student is a bit rusty and may need to brush up on his or her algebra skills or get a jump-start on geometry concepts, our transition programs are the answer!

Our algebra II program provides students with review of important algebra I concepts and gradually expands into more complex aspects of algebra II. The transition into algebra II program covers linear equations, functions, solving inequalities, laws of exponents, polynomials, factoring, and using factoring to solve equations.

Our geometry program provides students with an introduction to deductive reasoning and proofs, which many students find to be particularly challenging in the first semester because they differ so drastically from concepts learned in algebra I. The transition into geometry program covers the use of definitions and postulates, an introduction to deductive reasoning (proofs), definition and properties of parallel lines, and triangles and proofs involving congruent triangles.

Transition Into Math I & Math II

Our transition into math I program provides students with review of important pre-algebra concepts and gradually expands into more complex aspects of algebra, as well as an introduction to deductive reasoning and proofs, which many students find to be particularly challenging in the first semester.

Our transition into math II program covers concepts heavily emphasized by Common Core curriculum such as functions and function transformations, as well as review of linear equations, fractional equations, factoring and solving equations using factoring. This program also provides a review of coordinate geometry, proportions, deductive reasoning (proofs) and logic.

Transition Into AP Calculus

To ensure success with the new (and we think exciting) concepts introduced in Calculus, a strong foundation in algebra is essential. Our program will focus on reviewing advanced algebraic concepts such as complex fractions, fractional powers, the difference quotient, parent functions and graphing, as well as an introduction to limits and basic derivatives – time permitting.

Transition Into AP Chemistry & AP Biology

We can make AP chemistry less challenging! Our program helps students develop a strong understanding of dimensional analysis, atomic theory and periodic trends, and composition and reaction stoichiometry (including empirical and molecular formulas, limiting and excess reactant problems, and solution stoichiometry).

Set yourself up for success in AP biology! Our program provides students with an overview of basic inorganic chemistry fundamentals, in particular the chemistry of water and an understanding of the biochemistry macromolecules, including nucleic acids, proteins, and carbohydrates.

College Essay Workshop

Summer is the ideal time for students to start their college admissions essays with our personalized prep program. Whether students come to us with a targeted list of top-choice university prompts to tackle, or simply feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, our tutors will guide them through all the steps to complete a sparkling personal statement by brainstorming, drafting, focusing and revising.

Summer Reading Development For All Ages

Get a strong start on next school year’s academic reading with our reading development program! Our tutors will work with students to create an individualized plan that includes both fiction and non fiction reading specific to their interests and abilities. We will work on reading skills, appropriate to age level and grade level, and will include writing practice that naturally lends itself to improved reading skills. The lessons will include weekly homework, but much of the learning will take place in session, through reading out loud for fluency and discussion around tone and rhetorical language.